Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What a difference

A few hours can make.

This was the morning commute:
(31 degrees)

This was the afternoon:
(58 Degrees)

Note the lack of tights, jacket, balaclava, booties, etc. Of course you can see my ever fashionable geeky pager. :)

Unfortunately instead of being out riding more enjoying the great weather, I'm stuck at home doing work so I can get enough hours in to take off early on Friday. It's all good though as I can finally swim again! If it rains tomorrow you can find me back in the pool moving about as fast as a manatee.

On another note, the Headshok on the mountain bike is looking more like a Deadshok these days as it has an aversion to holding air. Rather than rebuild it, I'm going unconventional and trying a 100mm travel SID and Double XC headset to make it fir the large headtube. Finishing off the package will be some cheapo stem, but the rear brake will be getting a Juicy Ultimate upgrade to match the front.

Just in time for the Addison 12 hour????

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rest time!

The past three days have me feeling like I've been cramming for a test, a test that just does not exist at this time so a couple days rest it is.

WTF am I talking about, three days of riding, three intense workouts, only one that was a easy pace. Wait a minute, three days, four rides? Yepper, I did my first commute via bike on Wednesday. The ride in was perfect, the first two miles of the return trip were into a 30 MPH wind so I decided to just give it an all out effort for the entire trip home, after turning east it was 20+ MPH all the way to my door. :) Not the smartest thing after the Tuesday Night Worlds ride out of Cycle to Fitness. :)

Today was a hard ride as well, I learned I'm not ready to keep up with an expert level rider after four months of not doing a whole lot. The first eight miles were groovy, 22+ average on the BMC, but I blew up on a hill and it was over, I could barely muster anything after that. Next time I'll get a better warm up and give Mark a better run for his money.

All in all a great day still, got to ride with my tri peeps, saw Greyhound Jeff at ILRA and probably close to another hundred cyclists today. Spring is here, the grass is getting green and my legs are getting a break.

Back at it on Sunday!